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Among Us Racing Game

Try the Among Us Racing Game and show off your really fast bikes against the stickmen in blue and red and all the horrible end imposters in this game of impostor racing. Play the free game Among the Us Racing at greatest crazy games. Another great new addition to the collection of free online racing games with all of our heroes—famous and not so—is Impostors Racing Game!

You may turn around anyone, and this among us imposter race is perfect for everyone, whether you're an insane lover of the blue and red stickman racing game or you want to pretend to be an impostor and terrify the other participants in this imposter bridge race. You will just have to fight to survive and carry out your life's purpose.

How to play

Crewmates (blue stick figures) will drive fast supercars trying to reach the finish line first on futuristic racetracks. However, Imposter racers (red stick figures) will try to sabotage and slow down teammates with dirty tricks and obstacles.

As a team rider, you need to:

- Accelerate and steer skillfully to always take the lead
- Collect power-ups like increased speed or shields
- Be wary of dangers such as oil spills left by impostors
- Identify and avoid/destroy impostor racers
- Complete quick "missions" like repairing a bike to get bonuses
- Convene an "emergency meeting" to vote on the removal of suspected impostors

Impersonator racers will:

- Place traps, bombs and obstacles to slow down teammates
- Camouflage by temporarily swapping colors
- Use sabotage abilities to turn off lights or freeze teammates
- Try to avoid being identified and vote during meetings

It can deliver a chaotic yet fun arcade racing experience with the social deduction elements of Among Us.

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