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Run away 3D

Run away 3D is a game about running. Players will use different characters, each with their own personality and set of skills, to explore an endless series of space tunnels.

To stay alive inside each tunnel, players will need to jump, move left or right, or flip the sides of the tunnel so they don't get lost. The game will get harder as you go, even though it sounds easy. Because you will have to deal with ramps, tiles that are falling apart, darkness, and other things that aren't real.

Along with the things that are in the tube, you also have to line up your jumps correctly to get through the holes. The short jump and the long jump are the two kinds of jumps. You will get farther if you choose a timed and exact jump.

Run 3 has different game types.
Discover mode and infinite mode are the two main game types.
You could say that the most interesting part of the game is the exploration mode. It tells a story through the caves that the player goes through. In this case, the player is the main figure. In the galaxy map, players will move from easy to hard levels as they discover and pass them. As you move through the levels of this galaxy map, you can unlock new personalities. These figures you've unlocked should make it easier for you to get through some maps. Do not skip it!

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