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Bike Stunt Racing Legend

Bike Stunt Racing Legend is an exciting mobile game that lets you perform daring stunts and tricks while racing on your motorcycle.

How to play

1. Open the Bike Stunt Racing Legend game on your device.

2. Select your motorcycle and rider character from the available options.

3. Each level presents you with a stunt racing course filled with ramps, obstacles, and gaps to jump over.

4. Use the on-screen controls to accelerate, brake, and lean your bike forward or backward.

5. As you approach a ramp, lean your bike backward to perform a wheelie and get ready to pull off stunts in the air.

6. While airborne, you can perform various stunts like backflips, front flips, Superman poses, and more by tapping the stunt buttons or swiping in different directions.

7. Nailing the stunts perfectly will earn you more points and boost your score multiplier.

8. When landing, try to stick the landing by keeping your bike level to avoid crashing.

9. Collect the coins scattered throughout the courses to unlock new bikes and gear.

10. Advance through increasingly challenging levels full of insane ramps and obstacles.

The key aspects are using precise control over your bike's acceleration, wheelies, and lean angles to hit the ramps at just the right approach. Then it becomes a test of timing and dexterity to pull off the crazy stunts while in the air before sticking the landing.

With stunning graphics and physics-based gameplay, Bike Stunt Racing Legend lets you live out your wildest stunting fantasies on two wheels while racing against the clock. High risk and high reward!

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