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Biking Extreme 3D

Are you a fan of mountain biking? Experience riding a mountain bike and competing in multiplayer mountain racing courses with Biking Extreme 3D. Any other riders you crash into on the track will be crashed into the sky, regardless of what happens.

Game Overview:
- It's a mountain biking game with 3D graphics
- Features multiplayer mountain racing tracks
- Allows you to crash into other riders without consequences

How to play and enjoy Biking Extreme 3D:

1. Learn the controls: Familiarize yourself with steering, acceleration, braking, and any special moves or tricks.

2. Explore the tracks: Get to know the various mountain racing tracks available in the game.

3. Practice solo first: Before jumping into multiplayer races, spend some time mastering the tracks on your own.

4. Use the terrain: Take advantage of the mountainous landscape to gain speed on descents and find optimal racing lines.

5. Don't worry about collisions: Since crashing into other riders sends them "into the sky" without penalizing you, you can use this to your advantage in races.

6. Master tricks: If the game includes a trick system, learn and practice various stunts to potentially earn bonus points or speed boosts.

7. Upgrade your bike: If the game offers bike customization or upgrades, experiment with different setups to find what works best for you.

8. Compete in multiplayer: Once you're comfortable with the controls and tracks, challenge other players in multiplayer races.

9. Develop strategies: Figure out the best times to overtake opponents, possibly using the crash mechanics to your advantage.

10. Enjoy the freedom: The lack of consequences for crashing into others allows for a more carefree, action-packed racing experience.

Remember, the key to enjoying Biking Extreme 3D seems to be embracing its over-the-top nature and unrealistic physics. Have fun with the mountain biking experience and the unique crash mechanics!


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