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Crazy City Race

Crazy City Race is a driving game in which you must overcome obstacles and avoid traffic. Experience driving amid urban traffic on several tracks while enjoying the view from the driver's seat. Take part in a lengthy and prestigious career as a driver. Get points, then exchange them for improvements and automobiles.

How to Play: Launch your profession

It's time to boost your career's engine and blast over a lengthy list of obstacles that will define it. In career mode, you go to new places and face tougher obstacles that put your driving prowess to the test and gradually reward you more.

Avoid traffic
The amount of money you can make is not limited. For as long as you can, start a one-way or two-way traffic game and drive. To get bonus points, take on dangerous bets like cutting the wrong side of the road at fast speeds and driving in close proximity to other vehicles. The money you make can be used to purchase new roads for driving.

Purchase and improve automobiles
Your autos can be customized in a wide variety of ways. To make your car seem fantastic, you can add spoilers, brake calipers, and other cosmetic elements in addition to fine-tuning the engine and the entire interior system.

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