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Cubes is a unique blend of Snake and 2048, so be ready for an addicting online gaming experience. Your goal in this game is to increase the number of cubes you have by scavenging other players' cubes and gathering extra cubes. Can you excel in this cutthroat and exciting world and become the ultimate cube master?


Hybrid Challenge: Cubes blends the number-matching elements of 2048 with the traditional Snake action. As your cube moves across the grid, it will gather additional cubes and slyly eat rival cubes to increase its number.

Competitive Multiplayer: Face off against other players in real time as you try to reach the highest score and move up the leaderboard.


2048 Fusion and Snake: Take part in a novel and captivating gaming combination that will captivate you.
Play Multiplayer Mayhem to compete against gamers worldwide and outsmart your opponents with cunning and strategy.
Number Evolution: As you devour other cubes and ascend to new numerical heights, observe how your cube changes and grows.

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