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Drive Buggy 3D

Drive Buggy 3D is a fun offroad driving and racing game.

How to play

Objective: The main goal is to race against the clock or opponents while navigating through various offroad terrain and obstacles in your buggy car.

- Use the steering wheel/tilt controls to steer your buggy left or right
- There is an accelerator pedal or button to accelerate
- A brake pedal or button to brake/reverse
- Some versions may have arrow keys/buttons for steering

- Choose your buggy car from different models
- Each race takes place on a different offroad track with hills, bumps, mud, rocks etc.
- Stay on the track and don't fall off the edges
- Use the accelerator and brakes judiciously to maintain control on the rough terrain
- Look out for ramps that allow you to catch air
- Collect coins/powerups scattered around the tracks
- Compete against AI opponents or race against the clock

- Career/Championship mode with a series of cup races to unlock
- Time Trial mode to race solo against the clock
- Versus mode to race head-to-head against an opponent
- Some versions have stunt arenas to perform tricks

The key is using the acceleration and steering deftly to navigate the bumpy offroad environments without losing control or toppling over. With practice, mastering jumps and drifting can help you win races. Have fun driving your rugged buggy!

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