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Fullspeed Racing

Play for free at Fullspeed Racing! You have to finish maps and gather checkpoints in this fantastic driving game! In order to bring The Forest Full there quickly, race against the timer and drift! Your objective in the 3D game Fullspeed Racing is to reach the checkpoints! You will have to drift as your speed steadily increases since you will be racing against the clock!

Getting Started
- Go through the tutorial levels when you first start the game to learn the basics of steering, accelerating, drifting, etc.
- Upgrade your car's performance by installing new parts like engines, tires, etc that you earn or purchase.

Racing Techniques
- Look ahead on the track and brake early for sharp turns. Drifting helps maintain speed through turns.
- Use the nitrous boost strategically on straightaways to gain a burst of speed.
- Draft behind other racers to get a slipstream speed boost.
- Pay attention to the mini-map to learn the upcoming track layout.

Earning Credits/Upgrades
- Complete races and accomplishments to earn credits to spend on new cars and upgrades.
- Look for shortcut paths, smash objects, and perform stunts during races to earn bonus credits.
- Join or create a racing crew to collaborate on goals and share rewards.

- Play through the career mode to unlock new cars and levels by winning cups.
- Enter limited-time event races with special rules or requirements.
- Race against friends or find online multiplayer matches.

The key is upgrading your car's stats, mastering the driving mechanics, and replaying events to earn more credits to continue upgrading and unlocking new content.

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