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Headlight Heroes

Get comfortable for Headlight Heroes! Toggle between two automobiles and change lanes on a busy roadway by tapping. To earn extra points, catch flags instead of obstacles.

Based on the description provided, here's how to play Headlight Heroes:

1. Controls:
- The game is controlled by tapping the screen.
- Each tap switches the lanes of both cars simultaneously.

2. Gameplay:
- You control two cars at once on a chaotic highway.
- The cars automatically move forward.
- Your job is to navigate them through the traffic and obstacles.

3. Objectives:
- Avoid obstacles: Steer clear of other vehicles, barriers, or any hazards on the road.
- Collect flags: Grab flags along the way to earn bonus points.

4. Strategy:
- Balance risk and reward: Decide when it's worth maneuvering to get a flag versus staying in a safer lane.
- Anticipate: Try to foresee upcoming obstacles for both cars.
- Quick reflexes: Be ready to tap quickly to avoid sudden obstacles.

5. Scoring:
- Likely based on distance traveled and flags collected.
- Hitting obstacles probably ends the run or costs lives.

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