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Kung Fu Sparrow

Kung Fu Sparrow brings a fresh viewpoint to the world of birds! Climb the social hierarchy of the bird people by kicking other birds and stealing their toast!
Celebrate your victory with pinatas, and as you ascend the ranks of the bird martial arts academy, celebrate your new position.

Bread is the currency of the bird kingdom; some birds will do anything for it. Well, in your case you do.
As a bird from the disadvantaged side of town, you must kick adversary birds to steal their slices and improve your martial arts skills.
You have a long journey ahead of you, so you must begin fighting rooster immediately. You can kick enemies by moving up and down while aiming at them, or by approaching them and clicking to unleash wing punches.

Toast is dropped by defeated foes; however, you should not waste too much time collecting them. Watch the clock above and complete your work on the stage before time expires. Continue gathering loaves of bread to unlock new looks for your warrior and improve the skills of your feathered warrior in the style of your choosing! Wishing you enjoyment!

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