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Monster Race 3D

Monster Race 3D seems to be a mobile racing game where you control various monster truck characters racing on different tracks. Here are some tips for how to play Monster Race 3D:

Getting Started
- Choose your monster truck character/vehicle
- Familiarize yourself with the controls (steering, accelerating, braking, etc.)
- Pick a race event/track to compete in

- Use tilt controls to steer your truck left or right
- Tap the acceleration button/pedal to go faster
- Let off the acceleration or tap the brake to slow down
- Try to stay centered in your lane and avoid crashing into obstacles
- Look out for ramps and jumps to get air
- Perform stunts like flips and rolls while in the air to gain boosts

- Collect items on the track like turbos, shields, weapons
- Use turbo boosts to dramatically increase speed for a short time
- Activate shields to protect your truck from crashes
- Use offensive weapons to temporarily disable rival trucks

- Use coins/gems earned to upgrade your truck's stats (acceleration, top speed, handling, etc.)
- Purchase new monster truck bodies with different attributes
- Unlock new customization options (wheels, paint jobs, etc.)

The goal is to race through each track as quickly as possible, performing stunts, using power-ups strategically, and avoiding crashes to reach the finish line first. With upgrades, you can compete in higher level races against faster opponents. Having good driving skills and knowing when to boost are key in Monster Race 3D.

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