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Motocross 22

Your objective in the racing game Motocross 22 is to ride your motorcycle to the finish line! Enjoy these stages and sprites inspired by arcade games.
In addition to difficulties As you progress through the levels in the motorbike games, the motorcycle gradually gets bigger. At initially, it will be playable, but as it progresses through more than 20 levels, it will get considerably harder.


Here are some tips for playing Motocross 22:


- Accelerate at the start to get a good launch off the line. Rev your engine before the light goes green.

- Lean forward when going uphill and lean back when going downhill to keep your balance and traction.

- Jump over obstacles by getting air off jumps and bumps. Hold down the correct button/key to get maximum air time.

- Land jumps smoothly by leveling out your bike before hitting the ground to avoid crashes.

- Use the brake to help control slides around tight turns, but be careful not to lock up the wheels.

- Look ahead on the track for upcoming jumps, turns and obstacles so you can set up properly.

- Keep an eye on your fuel and pit when needed to refuel quickly.

- Different terrain like mud, sand or hard-packed dirt requires adjusting your riding style.

- Upgrade your bike's parts between races to go faster against the competition.

The key is finding a good rhythm, maintaining momentum, and nailing the jumps without crashing. With practice, you'll get better at navigating the arcade-styled tracks and obstacles. Have fun racing!

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