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Shoot the Turtle

Shoot the Turtle is a really demanding launch game that necessitates assistance to our valiant turtle in substantiating the invulnerability of its shell. The objective is to assess the turtle's physical prowess and showcase the durability of its shell by endeavoring to propel it to great distances and heights using a substantial cannon.

With each launch of the turtle, a monetary reward is earned based on the distance achieved in assisting its flight. The funds provided can be utilized to acquire advantageous enhancements for the cannon and to affix to the turtle in order to facilitate its propulsion over greater distances. This game provides a significant amount of enjoyment and has the potential to captivate individuals for extended periods of time as they strive to surpass their personal best in launching turtles. By doing so, players can demonstrate the resilience and durability of the turtle's shell, so showcasing its strength to a global audience.

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