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Slice It All

In this game, you need to overcome the obstacles ahead!
Tap to flip your knife and neatly slice the various obstacles in your path into two equal halves! This is the most attractive way to become a slice master!
Armed with your super sharp knife, no obstacle can stop you! Flip your knife at the right time and cut different obstacles—pencils, pipes, anvils, and the list goes on!
You will need to keep the knife in the air at all times. And to do this, you have to constantly knock and flip the knife. You can even bounce off obstacles with the handle to flip back and have a better chance of cutting!
Don't touch the water, or your run will be over! The same goes for ditches—don't fall into them! The dark gray boards are the checkpoints, try and hit them! A simple but challenging game with a harmonious and colorful interface that gives players a comfortable visual experience I wish you a great experience!

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