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Stunt Tracks

Stunt Tracks is a racing game that combines traditional racing with stunt driving and over-the-top track designs.

Here are some tips for how to play Stunt Tracks:

- Use the arrow keys or WASD to steer your vehicle
- Hit the up arrow/W to accelerate
- Down arrow/S to brake
- Space bar or control key to perform stunts

Racing Basics
- Stay in the center of the track as much as possible for better control
- Brake before tight turns to prevent spinning out
- Use boosts strategically on straightaways
- Watch out for obstacles like barriers, gaps, and ramps

- Hit the stunt button when going over ramps or jumps
- Rotate your vehicle mid-air using the steering controls
- Try to land perfectly level after rotations for a speed boost
- Rack up points for successful stunts like flips, spins, aerials

Track Elements
- Loops - Use full throttle and don't steer to make it around
- Corkscrews - Steer in the direction the track curves
- Half-pipes - Launch off the curved walls to gain air
- Jumps - Hit the jump at full speed for maximum air time
- Low gravity sections - Use stunts to control air movement

- Speed boosts - Hit the green pads for a temporary speed burst
- Reverse controls - Spin around the red reverse symbols
- Stunt score multipliers - Rack up even more points per stunt

The key is mastering a combination of high-speed racing skill along with pulling off awesome stunt combos and tricks. Accumulate the highest stunt scores while also being first across the finish line on each outrageously designed courses. Watch for shortcuts and alternate paths too. It takes practice, but nailing both the racing and over-the-top stunts is very rewarding in Stunt Tracks!

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