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Worm Hunt - Snake Game Io Zone

In the Worm Hunt - Snake Game Io Zone game, you can choose to play for a limited amount of time in a smaller game arena or for an unlimited amount of time in a large game arena.
With this, you can grow to be the biggest worm. Worm Battle Royale is a new version of Colored Snake for the year 2022.
How do you get worms to like you? Get as much food as you can so you can grow into the biggest snake in the game. You can beat other worms if you make your worm stronger.

In all three, the arena gets smaller, and anything outside of it dies. You might be surrounded by bigger worms, or they might move faster and get in your way, forcing you into their trap.
A player can be kicked out of the game and turned into worm food, which other players can eat, if any of these things happen. You have to beat other worms and gain new weights to get more coins. You can get new food and skins for your characters and boost the stats of the worm to make it impossible to stop. Every day, check your email to learn about the prizes. Have a good time!

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