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2 Player City Racing

In this amazing game, you will navigate several courses with your first automobile. However, don't give up; soon, you'll have the opportunity to play games where 2 Player City Racing must finish first in order to proceed. There are also heavy-duty semi-trucks and racing cars available. Fantastically, Metropolis Raceway 2 is a follow-up to the original, well-known racer.

How to play

1. It starts with a basic car racing mode across different courses as an introduction.

2. As you progress, there are opportunities to earn more in-game currency by finishing first in certain race modes, possibly called "Moto Space Racing: 2 Player".

3. In addition to regular car racing, the game also has modes for racing heavy semi-trucks.

4. The game you're describing is called "Metropolis Raceway 2" and is a sequel to an original popular racing game titled "Metropolis Raceway".

5. The game allows at least 2-player local multiplayer racing.

So in summary, it appears to be a multi-faceted racing game compilation with different vehicle types (cars, motorcycles, trucks) across varying race modes, some focused on 2-player local multiplayer. Earning in-game currency by winning races unlocks more content.

Without being able to see gameplay videos or having the actual game name, I've tried to summarize the key points about the racing game series you've described. Please let me know if I have understood the premise correctly.

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