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Bike Stunt Racing Game 2021

Play fast-paced online bike games on treacherous courses with Bike Stunt Racing Game 2021 to have fun. Bury your adversaries.
You'll play motorbike games for a very long time and have a lot of fun. Through fast-paced racing, you and your friends will encounter some of the most stunning frontier dirt bike games unblocked ever seen. Here's your time to prove to the world that you are a formidable two-wheeled competitor: Free Driving Racing!

- The goal is to race through challenging 3D tracks while performing stunts and tricks to earn points
- Tilt your device to steer and control your bike's balance
- Hit the ramps and take to the air to pull off insane stunts and combos
- Land perfectly to maintain speed and earn bonus points

- Tap the screen to perform front/back flips and rotate tricks while airborne
- The more rotations and variations you string together, the higher your score
- Watch your landing to avoid crashing after huge trick combos

- Stay ahead of the other AI bikers to take 1st place
- Drift around tight corners by tilting your bike
- Look ahead and plan your stunt sections to maximize airtime
- Collect coins on the track to earn cash for upgrades

- Use coins to upgrade your bike's top speed, acceleration, handling, etc.
- Unlock new bike skins and customize your rider's appearance
- Increase your stunt multiplier to rack up even higher trick scores

With a combination of skilled racing, daring stunt combos, and strategic upgrades, you can leave your rivals in the dust in Bike Racing 3D! Practice nailing those huge air tricks consistently.

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