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Chaos Road Combat Car Racing

Playing Chaos Road Combat Car Racing is similar to playing an arcade shoot-em-up automobile game. Your goal is to eliminate the last boss by gathering upgrade goods and taking out ground-based vehicles using 3D vehicles. Your car will continue to shoot on its own.

How to play 

- It's a 3D game where you control a vehicle driving on the ground/road
- The gameplay is similar to a "shoot-em-up" where your vehicle automatically shoots at other vehicles
- Your main objective is to defeat a final boss enemy
- You can collect upgrade items that enhance your vehicle's offensive capabilities
- In addition to shooting, you'll need to take out ground vehicles by ramming/colliding with them
- It combines driving/racing mechanics with combat shooting in an arcade-style format

So it takes the typical top-down or side-scrolling shoot-em-up gameplay but translates it into a 3D driving environment with your vehicle as the shooter. Gathering power-ups and upgrades is critical to having enough firepower to defeat waves of enemy vehicles culminating in a boss battle.

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