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Cluster Rush

In the platform and skill game Cluster Rush, players must slide, jump from truck to truck, and cling to vehicles to escape falling situations. It's your job to demonstrate your skill by vaulting from one vehicle to the next while maintaining your balance and avoiding any potential falls.

To help players get acclimated to the game's feel, the first few stages will act as an introduction. But as the game gets harder, players will have to show that they are coordinated, agile, and have fast reflexes. All 35 levels will challenge your capacity to focus, and passing each level will require a great deal of effort. To ensure that you do not run into any possible walls, you must pay great attention to where you land and carefully plan your maneuvers. Can you finish every level and obtain every gold star?

How to play

  • Use the arrow keys and mouse to slide/jump from one car to another.

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