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Cyber Cars Punk Racing driving game featuring futuristic themes and vehicles is called Punk Racing. There are numerous game modes, neon cities, and super automobiles. You can expect to find 16 supercars, 60 tracks, 2 players, a hot pursuit area, a single free driving area, and a battlefield. You can either race against artificial intelligence or drive freely in this game, which features a car development and purchase system. Play Mode Employment You can put yourself to the test in a variety of ways when in career mode. "Race," "Against Time," "Stunt," "Checkpoint," and "Fly Parkour" are the names of these sections, in that order. Upon finishing the race, your completion rating will determine how many stars you receive. In career mode, you can earn up to 160 stars. The "Race" mode contains 12 tracks. You compete in a race against seven artificial intelligences, and you can advance to the next round if you are among the top three at the finish. You get paid based on how long it takes you to finish the race when it concludes. You also receive money for earning flying and drift points throughout the race. You compete against time in the "Against Time" mode. In total, there are twelve tracks. You evaluate something when you cross the finish line, not when you got there. Here are star ratings. You will be able to purchase new cars as well as supercars with these star ratings. In "Stunt" mode, you have to do stunts on 12 specially crafted tracks to cross the finish line. Staying on course across difficult tracks to cross the finish line in time requires talent. In "Check Point" mode, you must attempt to cross 12 specially constructed tracks with obstacles in order to reach the finish line. You must attempt to stay on the road in "Fly Parkour" mode by traveling at extremely high speeds. The stars you earn in "Career" can be used to purchase new cars. Additionally, you can buy new automobiles and upgrade the engine power with the money you make.

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