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Downhill Racing

Here are some typical tips for how to play "Downhill Racing" style games:

Get your BMX ready and hit the road! Even if you fall off the bike, you'll still be safe because you'll be connected. If you fall and lose, if Race Down took more than one minute, and if you hit your head, you lose. But if you have these keys, you can start over in every game.

- Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to steer left and right
- There is usually an "up" key to accelerate and a "down" key to brake/reverse
- Look for a jump/trick button to perform stunts

- The objective is to race down a downhill course as quickly as possible
- Avoid crashing into obstacles like trees, rocks, etc. along the way
- Taking tighter racing lines and drifting around corners can help shave time
- Look for ramps and boosters to gain bursts of speed
- Perform tricks and combos in the air to accumulate points in addition to finishing fast

- Start on the easier beginner courses to learn the mechanics
- As you advance, courses become more challenging with tighter turns, bigger jumps
- Upgrades may allow you to improve your vehicle's speed, handling, etc.
- Earn coins/cash from races to purchase new vehicles with different attributes

- Many downhill racers have online multiplayer modes to race against others
- Use boosts, weapons, shortcuts strategically against opponents

Pay attention to the tutorial and practice courses when starting out. Use the minimap and look ahead on courses to plan racing lines. With experience, you'll learn to chain tricks, find shortcuts, and master drifting. 

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