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Driver Rush

Welcome to the Driver Rush game, use the mouse to control the car moving on the road and collect attractive gifts!

1. Game Type: Driver Rush appears to be a browser-based driving game.

2. Controls:
- The game is controlled entirely with the mouse.
- Move your mouse to steer the car left or right on the road.

3. Objective:
- Your main goal is to collect attractive gifts while driving.

4. Gameplay:
- Use the mouse to control the car's movement on the road.
- Keep the car on the road to avoid crashes or going off-track.
- Steer towards gifts to collect them as you drive.

5. Tips:
- Be precise with your mouse movements to maintain control of the car.
- Try to anticipate the road ahead and plan your movements.
- Balance speed with control - you want to collect gifts but also stay on the road.
- Look out for any obstacles or hazards that might appear on the road.

6. Scoring:
- Your score likely increases as you collect more gifts.
- There may be a time limit or distance goal, so try to collect as many gifts as possible.

7. Progression:
- The game might become more challenging as you advance, with faster speeds or more complex road layouts.

Remember, the key to success in Driver Rush is smooth control of your car with the mouse while focusing on collecting gifts.

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