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Freddy Run 1

A thrilling hypercasual game of the casual frightening running genre is Freddy Run 1. As you play this game, you have to help Freddy, a small child, escape from a terrifying nightmare.

In the terrifying running game Freddy Run 1, your goal is to help the little child Freddy get through a terrible nightmare by avoiding obstacles. As a participant in the Nightmare Monster Jam, Freddy plays scary and eerie running games on Google Play. You'll be running from the bad guy who's after you all the time. Be ready to jump when he appears from below.

The Soul Catcher is present in every hazardous level. You should be prepared to chase him at all times, so keep your sharpscythe at the ready and be ready to jump to avoid getting struck. Accumulating one hundred gold coins will provide you an extra life.

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