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Horse Ride Racing 3D

Unfortunately, I don't have any specific information about how to play the game "Horse Ride Racing 3D" as I don't have direct knowledge of that particular game. Horse racing games can vary in their gameplay mechanics and controls.


However, here are some general tips that may help you get started with most horse racing/riding games:


1. Tutorial: Look for a tutorial or practice mode in the game to learn the basic controls for steering, accelerating, jumping obstacles, etc.

2. Controls: Typically you use the arrow keys or WASD keys to steer the horse left/right. There are buttons or keys to accelerate, brake, and jump/duck over obstacles.

3. Races: Work your way through the easier races and tracks first to get comfortable with the game physics and your horse's abilities before tackling more challenging courses.

4. Horse Stats: Many games allow you to upgrade or customize your horse's statistics like speed, stamina, jumping ability over time.

5. Objectives: Pay attention to the race objectives - whether it's just reaching the finish line first or performing tricks/combos.

6. Camera: Adjust the camera view (chase cam, first-person, etc.) to your preference for better control.

If you have the game installed, I'd suggest looking at the options menu and any in-game help/tutorial sections for the specific gameplay details for Horse Ride Racing 3D.

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