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Mad Day 2 Special

It's not simple to defeat an alien invasion on Mad Day 2 Special by alone, and Bobby might need some help. Throughout the battle, you must arm his truck with every possible weapon—from guns and artillery to lasers and rocket attacks—as well as cash so that you may resupply on weapons and mobility enhancers.

Equipping Bobby's Pickup Truck:
- Look for weapon pickups and power-ups scattered throughout levels to add guns, rockets, lasers, etc. to Bobby's truck.
- There may be weapon upgrade stations where you can spend money to purchase better armaments.
- In addition to offensive weapons, try to find defensive gear like armor plating or shielding for the truck.

Managing Resources:
- Collect as much money/currency as you can by destroying enemies, finding stashes, completing objectives.
- Use the money between levels to restock ammo, repair damage, and buy mobility upgrades like boosters.
- But be careful not to waste too many resources if an even tougher fight is coming up.

Combat Strategy:
- Use cover from Bobby's truck and rubble to avoid taking damage when possible.
- Prioritize taking out the biggest threats like boss enemies or heavily armed aliens first.
- See if you can lure enemies into choke points or traps to fight them more easily.
- Strafe and relocate often so you don't get surrounded or overwhelmed.

- Upgrade the truck's speed, acceleration, jump ability if possible for better maneuverability.
- Scout ahead for alternate paths or sniper positions to get an edge on enemies.
- Safety is priority one - if outgunned, focus on evasion until you can regroup.

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