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Moto Stunts Driving & Racing

Moto Stunts Driving & Racing is a standard balanced motorbike racing game featuring two-dimensional animated motorcyclists. While keeping your rider alive, you must complete side-scrolling platform races as quickly as possible in both Racing Mode and Level Mode.

How to play

• It's a side-scrolling 2D racing/platforming game featuring cartoony motorcycle riders.

• There are two main modes:
1) Racing Mode where the goal is to reach the finish line as quickly as possible
2) Level Mode which is more focused on keeping your rider alive through obstacles

• You'll need to earn coins throughout the game which can be used to purchase new, better motorcycles.

• The starting motorcycle is fairly basic and while usable to complete the game, upgrading to a new bike is necessary to set new high scores and earn better rewards.

• The tracks seem to blend typical racing with platforming elements like navigating across side-scrolling environments.

Overall, it sounds like a fun mashup of traditional motorcycle racing with some light platforming survival gameplay. Having two different modes for pure speed runs or obstacle courses adds nice variety.

And the progression path of earning coins to buy new, faster bikes seems like a good vector to keep driving replayability and chasing high scores. Starting on the basic motorcycle and having to master its limits before upgrading is a classic feels-rewarding mechanic.

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