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Shell Shockers is the funniest and most engaging first-person shooter in the Game Io genre. Role-playing into a heavily armed egg and battling real players on multiplayer maps in private or public arenas.


Various weapons:

• EggK-47: The classic gun; high rate of fire, medium range, never jams

• Whipper: Large clip, automatic gun, great for shooting close to medium range targets

• Crackshot: Bolt action sniper rifle, a gun with one-shot stopping power

• Scrambler: A two-shot shotgun where shotgun blasts do critical damage up close

• Tri-Hard: A gun with a three-round burst; an accurate medium range specialist
• RPEGG: A rocket-propelled grenade that launches rockets equipped with an explosive punch! Small magazine, medium distance, big damage!

• Free Ranger: A semi-automatic sniper rifle that destroys from a distance
• Cluck 9mm: The handgun you should always keep handy!


Game mode: There are 4 modes

• Get everything in Free For All.

• Join Team mode to fight between red and blue.

• Try Capture the Spatula zany, our version of flag capture, where you fight for the awesome Spatula.

• Or become rooster royalty in our newest mode, King of the Coop! Find, defend and capture 5 points to win in our newest game mode.


Play on public multiplayer servers around the world or create your own to play this special shooting game with friends!

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