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Stunt Car Extreme Online

This is the highly anticipated second part of the Stunt Car Extreme Online series, and we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the exciting world of Stunt Car Extreme Online. This lighter, online version of the game amps up the thrill by providing players with a high-octane experience as they navigate through stages that have been expertly constructed. Not only does each of these stages put your driving skills to the test, but it also provides you with monetary compensation for completing them successfully. Your gameplay will be improved with each new vehicle that you earn using this coin, which may be used to unlock a broad fleet of automobiles.

How to play

1. Controls
- Use the arrow keys or WASD to steer your car
- Press the up arrow or W to accelerate
- Press the down arrow or S to brake/reverse
- Press space bar to use nitro boost when available

2. Game Modes
- Free Ride: Practice driving and stunts on an open track
- Race: Compete in lap races against other online players
- Stunt Run: Drive through checkpoint rings performing stunts to earn points

3. Stunts
- Press Z to perform wheelies
- Press X to perform stunts like spins, rolls, etc while in air
- Aim for ramps and obstacles to catch air for stunt opportunities

4. Power-ups
- Collect icons for nitro boosts, mines, rockets and other power-ups
- Use power-ups strategically in races against opponents

5. Upgrade Your Car
- Earn cash by winning races and performing well
- Use cash to upgrade your car's top speed, acceleration, handling, etc.

6. Online Multiplayer
- Join public rooms to race against random players online
- Create or join private rooms to play with friends

The key is to practice and master the controls, learn the tracks, and upgrade your car's performance. Pulling off crazy stunts while racing earns you big points. Have fun with the over-the-top arcade racing action!

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