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Temple Runner

In Temple Run, players control Guy Dangerous, an average explorer, Scarlett Fox, an escape artist, Barry Bones, a city cop, Karma Lee, the fastest runner in the Far East, Montana Smith, the "second greatest explorer ever" (after Indiana Jones), Francisco Montoya, a Spanish conquistador, or Zack Wonder, a football star. The character will search an Aztec temple for a priceless golden idol. They won't comprehend the temple's evil monkeys intend to eat them. As an eternal running game, the temple never ends until the player hits a significant obstacle, falls into the sea, or is overtaken by demon monkeys.

The player can tilt their smartphone to move the character left or right to collect coins and avoid hazards while running. Running yields gold, red, and blue coins. Gold coins add one coin to the player's total. Red coins are worth two, blue coins three. Coins can buy and upgrade power-ups and characters. Players can buy coins with real money in-app. Swipe the touchpad to turn left or right. Swipe up to jump over an object, down to slip under it.

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