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Vex 7

Players must leap from one spot to another in Vex 7 like they are performing parkour since the platforms are perilous. Avoid everything in your path, including spikes and security cameras that shoot lasers. By "jumping" from one wall to the next while collecting coins, you can finally open the door to the following level.

The ultimate test of your skills is once again presented by Vex 7. You'll be faced with a variety of assignments and given the chance to win a wide range of goodies as you progress through some of the game's most dangerous stages. Your hero will discover numerous pieces of clothing and other goodies as they navigate the maze. Play along immediately!

How to play
You can run, leap, and slide with the arrow keys. Just keep jumping if you want to get up a level. In order to attack opponents and break glass blocks, press the spacebar. Learn the skill of quick thinking and experience all the levels of adventure!

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