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Zombie Driver

In the action game Zombie Driver, you get to boldly take on legions of zombies while driving a stylish vehicle! To destroy the zombies, run over them with your car, but be careful not to let the damage level get too high because you don't want it to catch fire. Gather experience points that drop from defeated zombies. You will gain strength and level up with the experience.
To increase the enjoyment of defeating zombies, unlock and select amazing weapons! Enemy vehicles and a wide variety of zombies will attempt to stop you! You may find all kinds of interesting weaponry including machine guns, shotguns, rams, Molotov cocktails, rocket launchers, flamethrowers, harpoons, mines, traps, and more by earning cash, so don't worry. You can play in two distinct game modes. There are two game modes: Level, where you may practice and have fun, and Endless, where you can push yourself to take on waves upon waves of zombies. You have the option!

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